I graduated in 2009 from Urshan College (formerly Gateway College of Evangelism) with a degree in Christian Ministry, emphasis in Biblical and Theological studies - GPA 3.21. I currently work for TCS. I have 11+ years of experience in financial software testing with both Waterfall and Agile! I'm also the Assistant Pastor of The Jesus Church, drummer for the praise team, member of the youth staff and served four years on the SCTX Youth committee along with other roles and responsibilities. I am also the owner of Primera Empresa, LLC where I purchased a Door Renew franchise (no longer operational). I also am doing life insurance on the side via American Income.

I'm always looking for new things to challenge myself. The latest passion of mine is also the most difficult project I've taken up. That is to author an entire curriculum geared to set up students (and adults) for success in their financial decisions!

My goal is to present the material in a manner that will eclipse the existing voices, cutting through the noise and standing out as a quality series that can be used by schools, private educators and parents! This topic is very important to me. Therefore, it is my intention that the video series will be made available via this website for free so long as I'm able to maintain and afford the hosting!

The series is titled #theFETEN (the financial education that everyone needs). I have hired an artist to help me on this project, and I'm looking forward to trying to make some content available this year!

I enjoy motorsports! I follow NASCAR as time allows and also participate in the NASCAR Fan Council, replying to frequent surveys following events and milestones throughout the year.

At least once a year I try to get a group to do some karting - usually for my birthday! In 2023 I visited San Antonio Karting Complex and was super impressed with their facility - making it my new favorite!

My ultimate goal is to get involved in some karting clubs/leagues and eventually move into actual auto racing at the local dirt track (I37 Speedway).